John Marsden Writing Topic #144

From Writing Topic #131 until Writing Topic #149 are “based on a book”. The book I have chosen to focus on is Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern.

Discuss the main relationships in the book**

The main relationships in the book are: Rosie & Alex, Katie & Toby, Phil & Alex and Rosie & Ruby.

Rosie & Alex: They are the protagonists and the entire book revolves around their relationship. Their relationship starts out as a typical adolescent friendship and becomes more complicated as they grow up, separate and marry. They keep missing out on opportunities to be together due to timing, circumstances and their life choices and as a consequence it strains their friendship at times (Rosie’s decision to not move to Boston after her marriage breakdown and her disapproval at Alex’s decision to marry Bethany led to them not talking for over a year). They tend to have fall outs when generally when one voices a brutal and/or obvious truth about the other and their lives. They eventually get together when they have matured, been through hell and are finally open to being with each other.

Katie & Toby: Their relationship mirrors Rosie & Alex’s relationship with the exception that they realise their feelings for each other and act on them a lot sooner than Rosie & Alex did. They possibly realised and acted on their feelings a lot faster due to seeing how unhappy Rosie & Alex were with their choice to be with the wrong people and not each other. It is their fearlessness on realising and acting on their feelings that Rosie & Alex finally act on their own.

Phil & Alex and Rosie & Ruby: Phil & Ruby are the closest people to Alex & Rosie respectively other than Alex & Rosie themselves and the relationships between them all is identical. Phil (Alex’s older brother) and Ruby (Rosie’s work colleague and friend) provide the voice of reason and brutal honesty to Alex & Rosie throughout their lives, they see their lives and situations as it truly is, something that Alex & Rosie are incapable of doing as they constantly live in denial.



**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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