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John Marsden Writing Topic #99

Write your thoughts on a controversial topic for ten minutes. Discuss it with someone else for twenty minutes. Write your thoughts about the issue again for another ten minutes, without re-reading your first piece.** 1. When I was growing up I was always pro-life. I know this was mainly due to religious influence. While I can’t distinctly recall the “sin”

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John Marsden Writing Topic #111

Write an account of a trial where ‘Youth’ is the defendant, and various witnesses are called** People vs Youth# Bailiff: All rise. Department One of the Superior Court is now in session. Judge Long Life presiding. Please be seated. Judge: Good morning, ladies and gentleman. Calling the case of the People versus Youth. Are both sides ready? District Attorney (DA):

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John Marsden Writing Topic #126

Life sucks** Life sucks–because it’s short and it ends eventually. From the moment you’re born you’re on a countdown. Life sucks–because nothing in it is guaranteed. There’s no guarantee that you’ll live long, maintain perfect health, find your dream job after spending years at uni or find a job at all. Life sucks–because you don’t know if there is only

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John Marsden Writing Topic #110

‘In order to make a mistake, a man must already judge in conformity with humanity. (Ludwig Wittgenstein)** I had trouble researching the meaning of this quote and therefore understanding it, however like with all of the other Discursive writing topics, I will provide my own interpretation. My interpretation of this quote is that for anyone to make a mistake they

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