John Marsden Writing Topic #128

‘Violence is the way stupid people try to level the playing field.’ (New Yorker magazine) Write a story which shows this to be true–or untrue**

Bazza vs Jake


I left that wanker with bruises, missin’ teeth, busted lips, a broken jaw and a limp. He’s not the first wanker I’ve beaten up but he’ll be the last if I have my way!

That’ll teach him for bein’ friends with my Loz! That’ll teach him for not doing what he was told! That’ll teach him for eyein’ my woman!


I knew this was comin’, Bazza’s been on my back ever since he and Loz started dating. Loz was my friend before he was even in the picture! I’m guessin’ I’m not the only bloke he’s bashed for thinkin’ they were friends with his girlfriends, before Loz.

He even brought along his mates to watch, to show how big a man he thinks he is, apparently his steroid-created muscles weren’t enough!

My body hurts like a bitch, but he still won’t keep me away, Loz certainly won’t let that happen. When he’s at work, playing with wires, Loz will call and invite me over, she always does and I always keep her happy.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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