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Love Child–Season 4 Finale

So here we are again…another Love Child finale where the series’ future is uncertain. For those keeping score on the continuity front, it’s 2 December 1972 and Gough Whitlam has won the Federal election. It’s been three months since Laura passed away, just short of three months old. Other than the amount of time that passed between last season and

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Love Child–Season 4, Episode 7

I’ve said in my reviews throughout the season, in particular the first three episodes, that the writing has been off kilter, and it was in this episode however in a different way. Rather than the writing of the plots being off kilter, in this episode it was the writing of the characters. Almost every character strayed from their true selves

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Love Child–Season 4, Episode 6

What a rollercoaster this one was! The repercussions of Simon’s actions were explored in this episode. Thankfully I was wrong and Ed wasn’t killed off, since we’ve had two deaths this season another one would be excessive. Like Simon, I was also expecting the truth to come out and major consequences to be dished out, however, for now, there were

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Love Child–Season 4, Episode 5

After last week’s heartbreaking episode, it was nice for this episode to be on a slightly lighter side. I did appreciate the focus on Elena and Martha this week rather than having Joan front and centre. I did appreciate that Joan’s grief was touched upon but kept in the background, especially as it’s not very often that the show has

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Love Child–Season 4, Episode 4

This episode took an unexpectedly dark turn. While the promos had been indicating that something horrible would happen to baby Laura, I know from previous experiences that the promos have been misleading and what you think is going to happen almost never happens. This was one of the rare times where what I thought was going to happen actually happened.

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Love Child–Season 4, Episode 2

Inevitably this episode was going to deal with the fallout of Patty’s death. I liked how the episode focused on the unanswered questions of Patty’s death rather than the emotions. While the emotional reactions and grief were addressed, it was done with subtlety. With Martha feeling guilty, Viv feeling sadness and disbelief, Matron lashing out in anger, and Joan feeling

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