Love Child–Season 4, Episode 9

So here we are again, at the penultimate episode of a Love Child season.

This season has been a rollercoaster, the acting has been superb and the writing has been mostly solid but also undermined with continuity errors. The job of the penultimate episode is to build up the drama and tension to lead into the finale, and this episode did a great job in doing so.

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  • Oh yes, glad also to see the baby switch story revived. Guess they kept the biggest for “lastest.” 🙂

    It’s all lining up against matron isn’t it? The real danger lurking out there for the finale is Rita. Nobody realizes yet that Rita was hiding around the corner in an alcove in Matron’s office when she burned the baby’s file. Will Rita be the linchpin against Matron? Or will she be so grateful for being given a job she will protect Matron? Or will she confront Matron and Matron will do one of those threat jobs on Rita like she always does to people? Oh dear.

    Tick tock!


    • Very true, it will be interested to see whether Rita seeing Matron burn the file will be brought up again or abandoned. Considering the writing has been off-kilter this season, it could go either way.


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