Charmed (Reboot) – Season 2, Episode 6 (When Sparks Fly)

The episode kicks off two months earlier when Harry’s darklighter was released by his unknown master. We then see Macy waking up, presumably inside the Manor, where Harry is cooking dinner for her, when she asks him where Maggie and Mel are, he doesn’t give her an answer.

Meanwhile at the Command Centre, Mel and Maggie continue to discuss the fact that there is no red dot on the map to signify that Macy is in danger, as well as how to rescue her from the darklighter. When they mistakenly believe that Harry and the darklighter share a brain, he informs them that they don’t, rather they share memories and feelings, and that the darklighter is all ID (inner desires). Maggie suggests that she try to conjure a premonition, which would involve touching Jordan again.

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