The Good Place – Season 2 Finale (Somewhere Else)

The job of a season finale is to bring the season’s story arcs and subplots to a close and set up a new story arc for the following season. This finale did its job perfectly.

We pick up from where we were left off with Michael telling The Judge that the gang got better after they died, which shouldn’t be possible, which means that the system to get into the afterlife is flawed. While The Judge and Michael discuss the issue further, Tahani tells Eleanor about her confrontation with her parents, with Eleanor telling Tahani she’s proud of her, and in turn Tahani tells her she wouldn’t have made the progress she has without Eleanor’s friendship. While Jason tells Chidi how crazy their time in the afterlife has been, Janet pops in and tells Jason she loves him, which he reciprocates. Janet’s declaration of love inspires Chidi to kiss Eleanor.

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