How to Stay Married – Season 3, Episode 7

The job of a penultimate episode is to provide a springboard to a season (or series) finale. I felt this finale really did its job within the last five minutes.

This episode kicked off with the Parents and Friends Committee meeting, where Luna reveals that the site she has decided on for the school’s Contemplation Garden is the old, unused cricket nets. Greg is completely against it as cricket is a national treasure, however Luna points out that no-one uses them. When Greg comes home, along with Brad (who makes his first appearance since episode three), he tells Em that he has decided to run a cricket clinic. Greg video calls Gilly when Em is asleep to ask him to run the cricket clinic. When Greg is putting up posters promoting the clinic up at the school the next day, Luna tells him that Gilly is an inappropriate role model, due to him prematurely promoting his book on his octopus people theory on morning television.

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