How to Stay Married – Season 3, Episode 4

This episode was a simple one, focusing on the concept of death via the death of Chloe’s beloved pet turtle, Hannibal.

The episode kicks off with Chloe practising her archery in the backyard, just as she is aiming her arrow, Sophie calls out to her, startling her, to inform her that Hannibal smells. When the family goes in to inspect Hannibal, Chloe tells them that she’ll give him a bath when he wakes up from his nap…that he’s been having for the last three days. Greg, Em and Sophie immediately realise that Hannibal is dead and Em has to break the news to Chloe, while Greg tries to stop Em by playing down the seriousness of Hannibal’s death. Em suggests to Chloe that they have a funeral for Hannibal so she can say goodbye.

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