How to Stay Married – Season 3, Episode 2

Now that the premiere has aired, the fun can really begin.

This episode was once again set in realistic circumstances with the family split up but not entirely paired off.

Greg and Chloe were stuck with each other in the house all day on a Saturday as both Em and Sophie were at work. Chloe has been struggling to sleep lately, with Greg bearing the brunt of the consequences of her sleep deprivation. Greg tries to keep Chloe awake throughout the day so she sleeps at night, which he manages to do so, however his efforts backfire when she becomes overactive. He also tries to beat Luna at contributing prizes for the school’s trivia night with minor success, as he gets his travel agent friend, Simon, to contribute an all-expenses paid trip, but only after Simon confides in Chloe about his marriage problems, when Chloe answers Greg’s phone.

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