Furious Fiction – October 2018

The brief for the AWC Furious Fiction–October 2018 short story competition was as follows:

  1. Your story’s title must be THE LOST HOUR – and the content of the story should relate in some way to that title (interpret it however you want).
  2. Your story must include the phrase IT WAS LIGHTER – either as part of a sentence or as a sentence on its own.
  3. Your story must include a sentence with the names of at least THREE COLOURS in it.


The Lost Hour

It was lighter outside than usual when my alarm screamed at me to wake up.

When I looked at my phone, I saw that it was 9am instead of 8am. It wasn’t daylight savings, I didn’t change my alarm settings, I had literally lost an hour of my life!

I looked down at myself and saw I was still in my pyjamas but my hair was scruffy with leaves in it and I had bruises all over me both green and yellow, and I had a black eye and a “Z” shaped scar on my right arm. I clearly got into a fight in my lost hour of sleep but I can’t find any evidence on my battered body of who it was with.

There’s only one way to find out what happened to me…time to get up.

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