NaNoWriMo 2018: Days 12-18

Day 12—I wrote two Tech Reviewer UK articles: one on a new mobile phone that’s the size of a credit card. Another on how video games can benefit older people and the elderly. (696 words)

Day 13—I wrote my first article for Lifestyle Review UK on why waterbeds disappeared and how they’re making a comeback. (340 words)

Day 14—I wrote the “Julie” chapter for Where We Are Now (246 words).

Day 15—I wrote Volume III of my serial, Encore. (742 words).

Day 16—I wrote a draft of Volume III of my serial, Family of the League (248 words).

Day 17—I wrote a draft of a blog post for my TV show reviews blog (86 words).

Day 18—I wrote a review of the latest episodes of Charmed and How to Stay Married (1,612 words).

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