Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 2

This week’s episode pretty much followed the formula it established last week—-Steve instantly comes up with an idea that’s bound to fail, he and his Street Smart gang get to work fast, the failure happens and they’re back at square one. This week’s idea—-youth cream.

I felt that the youth cream idea was a more realistic goal and a less ridiculous idea than last week’s idea to steal from the police. I personally enjoyed seeing that they were briefly successful and things looked up, however I knew the failure moment would come, and I enjoyed the subtle reveal of it through Joseph and Trans getting itchy in their sleep. While the failure was obvious, the youth cream recipe turned out to be a recipe for haemorrhoid cream, it was also realistic. Although Steve’s parents were heavily stereotypical, they were also funny and I liked that they experienced more business success than Steve himself did.

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