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Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 6

This episode was a unique one as actually nothing went wrong with the gang’s plan. The episode kicked off with Trans and one of her employees giving Vincent (Robert Mammone) and Vito (JR Laveta) a pedicure. Whilst they are having their pedicure, they overhear Steve talking to Hung about his latest scheme—“the sushi train job”. The sushi train job involves

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Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 5

This episode was an interesting one as there were many interactions that haven’t happened before. The gang’s idea for this week is to take the money from the kid’s rides at the mall rather than the vending machines, by sneaking in through a dumpster ala Trojan Horse style and disguising themselves as cleaners. The logic behind their idea is that

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Street Smart–Season 1, Episode 2

This week’s episode pretty much followed the formula it established last week—-Steve instantly comes up with an idea that’s bound to fail, he and his Street Smart gang get to work fast, the failure happens and they’re back at square one. This week’s idea—-youth cream. I felt that the youth cream idea was a more realistic goal and a less

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