Sisters–Season 1, Episode 4

This episode mainly revolved around Julia, Edie, Roxy and even Genevieve, being interviewed for a piece on the obvious A Current Affair spoof, Sunday Spotlight. I felt Natasha’s (Jane Hall) calls to everyone was a nice thread throughout, with it coming to a hilarious head when the piece airs with Genevieve’s anecdote on Edie’s experience at a nudist beach and her apparent subsequent obsession with penises.

When Roxy wanted to promote her single on the show, I was expecting a reveal that she doesn’t have singing talent, however it was nice to see that she does have talent and it lead to the disastrous but hilarious piece ending on a happy note. Overall, the Sunday Spotlight subplot provided hilarious moments, but between Genevieve’s interview, the lack of content from the girls themselves and Roxy’s oddly inserted single promotion, it didn’t really come together to form a coherent piece of journalism, even though it was fictional.

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