Day 2–92 words and “Breakups and Breakdowns” theme

So just when I felt like a failure on Day 1, I felt like one even more so on Day 2 due to only managing 92 words.

The short stories/novels didn’t come to me as easily on this day, I only managed to write short stories/novels around the theme of “Breakups and Breakdowns” which were really me blowing off steam about my feelings towards relationships, true love, and my last two dating experiences. The last short story/novel is me just venting about my perfectionism issues, which at 27 years old I’m only now starting to deal with, and I’m planning on writing about further, but in another writing challenge, which I’ve been trying to complete for over two years.

But I digress.

My short stories/novels, “Breakups and Breakdowns” can be read here.


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