Doctor Doctor–Season 2 Finale (A Little Piece of Heaven)

To review this season’s finale, I read my review of last season’s finale to give me something to go off. For those that don’t remember, last season’s finale focused on Tugger’s investigation into Joey’s death, Penny leaving for a new job, Matt leaving Charlie, Meryl campaigning to become Whyhope’s mayor, Nora replacing Penny, and Hugh and Penny almost declaring they had feelings for each other in the final minutes. While all of this was addressed this season and isn’t entirely relevant to this finale, which aired last night, I felt it was good to reflect on and make a comparison.

This season’s finale was a much lighter one with Ajax and Hayley’s nuptials. Hugh and Charlie trying to convince Ajax and Hayley they were too young to get married and have children respectively frustrated me, as it was an obvious obstacle that the writers threw in to drag the story out. I understand the need to make the story and the episode as a whole interesting, but I personally didn’t enjoy that it was at Ajax and Hayley’s expense. That being said the payoff was beautiful, especially when Ajax and Hayley put the fate of their nuptials in their respective shooting abilities. Of course they were going to get their happily ever after, I would have liked to have seen an actual ceremony take place, but I appreciate the writers avoiding schmaltzy dialogue and scenes by not doing so, choosing to have them kiss at the start of their ceremony to applause and cheers was a better choice.

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