Speechless–Season 1, Episode 18 (D-I–Ding)

This was a unique episode due to the fact it was in one location and since it was unique, this review will also be unique as I will be doing it character by character.

Maya, Ray and Heather–The episode kicks off with Maya trying to squeeze into a tough parking spot, although she successfully does so, she leaves little room for everyone to get out of the van. Maya squeezes out of the van when Ray notices a ding in the car next to them–Ray believes Maya dinged the car, Maya believes she didn’t, and Ray insists on leaving a note. However the conflict between them kicks off when Ray leaves a note behind her back. I enjoyed the fact that the writers lead the viewers to believe that Maya would be in big trouble, only for Maya to team up with the car’s owner, Heather, to teach Ray a lesson. What I enjoyed even more was the fact that it all lead to Ray making his own and much bigger ‘ding’ later on, and the reveal that Ray never gives Maya the benefit of the doubt.

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