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Speechless–Season 3 & Series Finale (U-N-R–Unrealistic)

At the time of writing and production, this episode was only the Season 3 Finale, however when it was announced on May 10 2019 that Speechless had been cancelled by ABC, it also became the Series Finale. The finale mainly revolves around JJ’s impending graduation and expected acceptance into NYU. The cold open involves Maya telling her story about how

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Speechless–Season 3, Episode 21 (The S-T-A–Staircase)

The penultimate episode of Season 3 and the entire series focuses on next steps. JJ meets Izzy’s overprotective parents for the first time, when Izzy tells him how overprotective her father, Omar, is and JJ sees him practising his punches on a dummy, he’s scared. However this fear quickly turns to anger when Izzy’s parents discover his disability and find

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Speechless–Season 3, Episode 18 (S-E–Seoul B-R–Brothers)

This episode focuses on secrets. The episode’s cold open focuses on JJ, Dylan and Ray chasing down a woman who put money in JJ’s cup because she pitied him. When they eventually catch her and call her behaviour out, she apologises, but they need her money anyway to get back to Jimmy and Maya’s bank, where they were waiting for

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Speechless–Season 3, Episode 16 (W-H–Wheelchair P-L–Planet)

This episode did the rare thing of picking up right where the previous episode left off. The family (sans Maya) get together to help JJ make his submission film for NYU. His submission film is “Wheelchair Planet”, which is, according to JJ, a Twilight Zone-like film that is dumb but shows good technique, and is about a world where everyone

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Speechless–Season 3, Episode 14 (J-I–Jimmy V-A-L–Valentine)

This episode was the season’s Valentine’s Day episode. The episode kicks off with JJ and Izzy planning their Valentine’s Day at school and discovering that Maya is cyber stalking Izzy’s social media accounts. JJ rushes home via his wheelchair’s “stop mom” mode. The episode than goes into it’s usual A, B and C stories format.

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Speechless–Season 3, Episode 13 (F-A–Fashion 4 A-All)

This episode showed a lot of character development. The A story revolves around Maya and Melanie progressing with building their business by broadcasting a television ad and attending the 2019 Abilities Expo—a convention for vendors with accessible products. However their excitement about their progress quickly disintegrates when they realise that they have feuded with pretty much everyone in attendance. This

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