John Marsden Writing Topic #521

Spend five minutes writing about the ocean, then repeat without using any of the words you used in the first piece**

The Ocean

Where ships sail, find their way,

where another world lives beneath,

where birds find food

people cool relief.


Looking at Ocean

in front of me now

is an oasis—beautiful, tempting

but its temptation can become tragedy,

Speaking by personal experience

haven’t been tempted since.


Ocean—used for relaxation,

help people study, sleep,

Divides itself by land—

wet, dry,

hot, cold

ironically brings people together.


However no-one can stay in forever

but they’ll come back another day.

Ocean’s always around.



The Ocean

My relationship with this water–

a little up and down.


When I first moved to the coast

away from the country,

I couldn’t wait to spend my time there

walking on the soft sand

and floating on the waves like I’m flying.

I never liked it when the waves

would play jokes.


I rashly broke up with the water

during my second year on the coast

when it took my friend away.

Throughout the years I’ve walked alongside it,

trying to make it jealous.


I’ve wondered whether I’ve made the right decision,

whether to give this water a second chance.

I’m still trying to decide,

maybe If I wasn’t alone

I might finally dip my toes,

my body to follow.


Or maybe like all break-ups,

I’ll eventually let go and move on.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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