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John Marsden Writing Topic #516

Write a story that consists entirely of dialogue.** Rough Landing “Are you a nervous flyer?” “Is it that obvious?” “Only because I used to be like that.” “You? You’re kidding!” “No, every pilot feels like this. Don’t worry it will all be over soon.” “It will?” “Yeah, the plane’s nearly out of fuel. That’s what they get for firing me.”

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John Marsden Writing Topic #513

Write as many three-word phrases as you can in which each word begins with the letter R…or S… or H…** For this writing topic, I chose to write three-word phrases with each word beginning with the letter ‘S’.   1. Sam sleeps sideways 2. Summer’s scorchin’ season 3. Sleep solves slackness 4. Sales spell success 5. Sadness shows strength 6.

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John Marsden Writing Topic #510

Define common objects, ideas or feelings in less than twenty words. Be specific. Examples: justice, television, books, matchboxes, war.**   Justice: What is fair in the world.   Television: An electrical device that enables display of photos and videos to provide entertainment.   Books: Words on pages which are bound to provide education and joy.   Matchboxes: Boxes of small

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John Marsden Writing Topic #520

Write a story in which every word contains the letter ‘a’** Like Father, Like Daughter Dad always says that as anyone travels a great asset means a great headrest, almost as vital as a great mattress. Many acquaintances and family associates had a hard crack at understanding what Dad meant. As an adult, having matured and nabbing an occupation as

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