John Marsden Writing Topic #507

Describe an argument in which no words are exchanged**

Spare Room

Terri and James are newlyweds and are moving into their new home. When they were looking through the house, they had dreamed out what to do with every inch of the place and how to decorate every room. They wanted to live out their life’s dream in this house, turning it into a home in the process.

However one slight thing had changed.

Terri and James were working on one spare room. Terri roughly moved the grey-paint covered roller up and down the walls, while James slowly brought in the expensive and heavy gym equipment. Terri eyed off James as the sound of the equipment being dragged across the wooden floors irritated her. James eyed off Terri but didn’t voice his criticism of her painting technique.

Hours later, after James finished moving in the gym equipment, he brought in paper towels to wipe down, while he watched Terri cleaning the windows. Terri attacked the windows just as roughly as the walls, she cleaned the windows asking herself why she couldn’t see through James as much as she could see through the windows, now that they are clean? Why didn’t James come clean?

They were both too angry to talk to each other, too stubborn to offer apologies, Terri left the room and came back with a note, which she handed to James, simply stating “you’re sleeping on the couch…indefinitely. You can also have the gym to yourself for as long as you want because I certainly won’t be using it.”

James sighed as Terri left the room, she headed to her bedroom, to the closet and opened up one of the moving boxes. She opened the box to find a yet-to-be-assembled mobile, small toys, onesies and a packet of dummies. She buried her face in one of the onesies and hoped that James would take back what said and change his mind one day and that she hadn’t made a huge mistake by marrying him.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.


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