Third physio session

This physio session was a bit shorter than the previous two.

This session involved progression. Progression on the glutes exercises by trying an exercise involving squatting with a plasticy/elasticy band around my thighs, which wasn’t easy. Eliza also told me that I could progress from the quad exercises to do between sessions and changed the amount of reps I have to do. She also added the original glutes exercise from my second session to the list.

I asked her whether all of these exercises were to strengthen the muscles in my leg to prevent another ligament sprain or whether it was to take pressure off the ligament. She told me it was to take the pressure off the knee joint during activity.

She taped my knee up again (I think a little tighter that time) at the end of the session and wished me luck on the Australia Day Aquathon, which I was going to be participating in the next day.

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