Second physio session

The second physio session involved more stretches and “investigations” by my physio, Eliza.

These stretches and investigations included having to balance on one leg without leaning on the wall or my arms out like wings (I did make an “I’m flying” joke), squatting on one leg, steps, and Gastroc & Soleus stretches on walls.

She also had me work on my glutes and they didn’t work, the term “lazy arse” literally applied to me in that moment.

Throughout the week I had worked on my quad exercises, some days and with some reps the exercises would be easier than others. I wasn’t sure if my left quad was weak or whether I was doing it wrong or both. Lucky for me I was doing it right and Eliza told me that there was a lot of improvement.

She increased the amount of exercises for me to do–she gave me the quad exercise again, as well as supine quad sets, seated hamstring stretches, gastroc stretches against the wall and soleus stretches against the wall.

She taped my knee up again at the end of the session.


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