John Marsden Writing Topic #356

Write in the form of a poem a recipe for a wild party**


Party Heart!

Clean up the house,

get it ready to scream and shout

and let it all hang out!


Send out all the invites,

see who will take a bite

who will bring this party down!


Goin’ to the liquor store,

only buying the best hardcore,

no-one tonight will be a bore!


Hundreds of people at my place,

all of them so high in time and space,

tonight they’ll all forget the trouble of their lives!


Doin’ shots,

lickin’ the salt off my belly, makin’ it hot,

skulling down that rum!

Midnight, noise complaint?

Hell no!

We’re not even close to bein’ done!


Everythin’s getting rowdy,

gettin’ louder:

screamin’ and shoutin’,

fighting, places and glasses flyin’!

Bass music and strobe lightin’

Everythin’s getting outta control!


Police are called,

this party’s brought to a halt,

everybody bolts,

leaving me in the bottle and streamer filled mess.

Why do I try so hard?

Why do I call them my friends,

when they’re not here with me at the end

of the night?

Helping me clean up the pig sty,

the remnants of my self-esteem,

the shattered pieces of me,

trying to find someone to connect,

so this vicious cycle can end.


I’ll see how it all goes again next week…

I’ll clean up the house,

I’ll get ready to scream and shout…



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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