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John Marsden Writing Topic #319

Take one interesting word and write a poem that describes it.** Drought Dehydration can lead to unwanted death. Rainless days lead to restrictions to hand-wash necessities to life. Over long periods of no rain, the crops will droop, and we will have to start sacrificing. Unexpected fires, withered and wounded souls forever. Ground sunburnt, no water to get for help.

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John Marsden Writing Topic #326

Write a lullaby for a twenty-first century baby.** Goodnight My Little Millennial Goodnight my little millennial, put your tablet/iPad down and rest your eyes tomorrow is a new day, a day where you can no longer speak your mind, without offending someone.   Goodnight my little millennial, tomorrow is a new day, in a world where you can make your

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John Marsden Writing Topic #354

These are all the common words that rhyme with ‘-aked’: ached, baked, faked, caked, flaked, slaked, snaked, raked, braked, quaked. Write a rhyming poem using some or all of these words.** Fateful Fete Mrs Slater baked for the school fete her sincerity, she faked, she wished she had flaked on the fete, something she preferred for all school events. Over

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