John Marsden Writing Topic #333

Write a poem about a wonderful experience in your life**

In Five Years (Where Will I Be?)

In five years where will I be            

with my degree?

What will I see?

What will I learn, what will I know?

Where will I go and how will I grow?


In my first year–

I’ll leave the safe atmosphere

of home,

I’ll try to make it on my own

try to prove that I’ve grown

but it won’t take me long to learn

that I have a long way to go.

I’ll make new friends, family and life,

and I’ll realise that this major decision was right.


In my second year–

my world will crumble

a storm is coming, the thunder will rumble

tragedy is near

for three most dear

a friend, a pop and a father figure would be

but what will hurt me next is a shocking unforeseen

it’ll take all my strength, I’ll muster,

when certain supposed loved ones

show their true colours.


In my third year–

I’ll try to move on and pick up the pieces

and try to find peace

I’ll quickly learn

that this won’t come with ease

the people I thought felt love for me

won’t leave me be

they won’t let sleeping dogs lie

this will be hard, it will be a mess

break my heart and cause me stress

but they will never stop me

from moving on with my life.


In my fourth year–

my luck will change,

I’ll spread my wings and fly,

I’ll find love, an unexpected surprise!

I’ll rise and I’ll soar,

but it’ll only be a matter of time

until I fall.

I’ll cry and I’ll bawl

I’ll pick myself up and dust myself off

and try to feel like myself again,

wanting nothing more

than the year to end.


In my final year—

I’ll be eyeing the finish line

wishing that the time will fly

I’ll be looking forward and looking back

at what I’ve learnt and how much has changed

the world around me will revolutionise

my friends will soar high before my eyes

I’ll walk across that stage, I’ll have that moment

one door will close, another will open.

I’ll prove myself, stand in front of the crowd and make my family proud

and I’ll realise,

that the time flew by

before my eyes.


In five years where will I be?



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.




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