John Marsden Writing Topic #314

Write a poem that describes something or someone (you, perhaps) as it is on the outside and as it is on the inside**


You see her on the outside,

but do you really see the inside?


She walks around with a spring in her step,

smiling to the world,

what the world doesn’t know

is that she has to take a deep breath,

before she gets out of bed,

and readjust the negative thoughts in her head.


She walks around with a smile on her face,

but no-one knows,

she wants nothing more

than to get out of this place.


She walks around with a big open heart,

hoping to find the right one

to give her love,

but no-one knows,

is that she is sick of her heart

being torn apart,

by men not willing to give enough.


She screams and shouts,

bright and full of light,

but no-one knows

her inner plight:

her growing worries

over little mundane things,

her worries as long as a piece of string,

she’s trying to set her mind right.


She lives her life to the full,

trying to keep her cool

about the inevitable fact of life,

that one day she’ll pass on,

that she doesn’t know how long

until her life is gone.


What you see on the outside,

isn’t always true on the inside.

I hope you now have some true insight.



**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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