John Marsden Writing Topic #473

What are you feelings about nakedness?**

My feelings about nakedness depends on context.

When I’m naked on my own, my feelings about nakedness are indifferent, due to the fact that I’m naked by necessity (e.g. showering or getting dressed). I might take a look at myself and make a judgement on whether I have gained or lost weight from time to time.

In the context of romantic relationships, my feelings about nakedness are usually on the anxious end of the spectrum, due to the fact that I worry about what a partner thinks of my body and whether he likes it or not.

In a societal context, I believe everyone’s feelings about nakedness are usually repression related. I believe nakedness is repressed and voyeuristic throughout society. Naked photos or selfies are frowned upon and if they are published on the internet, with consent or not, it is frowned upon and can ruin people’s lives. Not to mention that when naked photos are out in public, people are keen to look and comment (both positively and negatively). One example of how repressed society is when it comes to nakedness is the reaction to Rosie Waterland’s choice to post a naked selfie of herself on her social media accounts.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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