John Marsden Writing Topic #514

Write a story in which you incorporate as many movie titles as possible. Aim for at least twenty. (‘The Pretty Woman got covered in Grease by Dr Strangelove when he treated her Saturday Night Fever…’)**

The Jersey Girl went Dirty Dancing with Mr Deeds on Valentine’s Day. She had never danced before in her life, but as he was a pro and a gentleman, he told her he would leave and to Just Go With It. Dancing with him felt Just Like Heaven to her, although she was worried her nerves and clumsiness would leave her Tangled and land Head Over Heels. Nevertheless she always enjoy their date nights and she was very happy in their relationship, however It’s Complicated for her. They both Click in their relationship but her mind would also put her on The Guilt Trip, reminding her of her equally-as wonderful husband who died only two years ago.

She decided to seek some Parental Guidance. Her loving parents assuaged her of her guilt saying that it was About Time that she found someone she liked who made her happy. She told her parents that she didn’t just like him, that it felt like Love Actually, but she felt guilty for finding happiness so soon after her loving husband passed away. Her dad gave her The Ugly Truth on love–that some people search their whole life and never find it and that she’s damn lucky to have found it twice. His words inspired her to established The Game Plan to tell him how she felt.

She told him that she planned their next date night to be A Night at the Museum. The night was Enchanted and she told him that she felt their connection was A Lot Like Love. Seconds later, he stepped forward and gently whispered in her ear, P.S. I Love You.


**Reference: Marsden J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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