John Marsden’s 600 Writing Topics–100 topics down 500 to go!

As you can guess from the title of this post, I have completed 100 writing topics in my John Marsden 600 Writing Topics Challenge.

I wanted to publish a post to record my progress.

As I stated in my introductory blog post to this challenge, the writing topics are split into several categories, which are:

Topics 1-93: Quickies

Topics 94-130: Discursive

Topics 131-149: Based on a Book

Topics 150-307: Topics for Short Stories

Topics 308-357: Poetry

Topics 358-501: Personal

Topics 502-521: Limits

Topics 522-585: Developing Skills

Topics 586-600: Letters

My first 100 writing topics comprise of 60 Quickies, 11 Discursive, 12 Based on a Book, 14 Personal, 2 Limits and 1 Developing Skills.

My plan was to get the Quickies done first as I thought they would live up to their namesake and be quick. Most of the Quickies were quick, but some of them were a lot harder and took a lot more time to complete than I anticipated. Usually the Quickies that involved making lists such as “what are three things that could never be photographed?”, “Name four jobs that no one ever thought of before”, etc. were the hardest to complete.

I found that the Discursive writing topics were, of course, deeply philosophical, or at least required me to be deeply philosophical. I have found these topics the most interesting to complete so far, as they have required me to think deeply about these topics and exactly what my philosophies in life are.

The Based on a Book writing topics have been a lot of fun, the key to completing these writing topics is to pick a favourite book. My choice was the epistolary novel, Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern.

The Personal writing topics are self explanatory. I have found it interesting how deep and not-so-deep, for a lack of better word, that the Personal writing topics have required me to dig.

I haven’t completed enough of the Limits and Developing Skills writing topics to make a judgement on how difficult and/or fun they are and will be to complete. The ones I have completed I have been able to complete out of sheer luck and inspiration and they were very challenging. I believe that there are only twenty Limits writing topics because they are (will be) the most difficult out of all of the topics to complete.

It has taken me a little over two months to complete 100 writing topics. I’m looking forward to seeing where the remaining 500 writing topics will take me and how long it will take for me to complete them.

I would also like to say thank you to everyone who has liked my posts, favourited/liked my tweets promoting the posts and has commented on my posts and hard work. Please keep it up and spread the word! 🙂


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