John Marsden Writing Topic #73

What was the most memorable party you ever attended and why?**

The most memorable party that I have ever attended was the Campus East Block Party in 2010. It was memorable because it was held on the same day that I moved to Wollongong to start my university studies and it was where I met my best friends.

The Block Party was held at the Towradgi Beach Hotel & Waves, it was called a Block Party as Campus East is split up into blocks. The party was colour themed and as the block I was living in was called ‘Hospital’ my colour was red, I didn’t have much in the way of red clothing, so I wore khaki-ish green pants and a red Christmas singlet (even though it was February). I met my best friends on the walk to the Hotel and when we got there, we all got a sticker with a word on it and we had to find the person whose sticker matched ours, it was the RA’s (Residential Advisor) way to get us to meet new people. I think my word was ‘Smooth’ and I had to find ‘Rough’ (I could be wrong about the word, it’s been five years I can’t quite remember). ‘Rough’ turned out to be a girl from Wisconsin, she was very nice but we never saw each again, which should be obvious since I can’t remember her name. My then-new best friends & I had fun together at the party, mostly dancing and other than being hit on by two men, I had a great time.

I was so angry at myself at the end of the night when I realised on the way home that I didn’t get Sean’s, Alice’s and Luci’s last names and mobile numbers. Luckily I ended up running into them again the next day to get them.


**Reference: Marsden, J 1998, Everything I Know About Writing, Pan Macmillan, Australia.

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