John Marsden’s 600 Writing Topics

I’ve read John Marsden’s Everything I Know About Writing several times and I have always been amazed by the 600 writing topics in the back, however I have never attempted to write stories on all 600 topics. Now that I have set up this flash fiction website, I’m going to give it a go. Each story (either non-fiction or fiction) that I write based on one of these topics will be written and published in their own individual post. I won’t be writing them in order, I will number each post and write out the writing topic it corresponds to.

Topics 1-93: Quickies

Topics 94-130: Discursive

Topics 131-149: Based on a Book

Topics 150-307: Topics for Short Stories

Topics 308-357: Poetry

Topics 358-501: Personal

Topics 502-521: Limits

Topics 522-585: Developing Skills

Topics 586-600: Letters

More information on John Marsden’s Everything I Know About Writing can be found here.


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