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Love Child–Season 3, Episodes 9 & 10–Season Finale Part 2

I tweeted my preview of this review in two words–mixed feelings. I have mixed feelings for two reasons–one for Channel 9’s choice to air half the season in a two week period and two for the writing. As I mentioned in my previous review, obviously Channel 9 has made the choice to air half the season in a two week

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Love Child–Season 3, Episode 8–Season Finale Part 1

I’m honestly not sure if this is the first part of the finale or Channel 9 is saying it is to justify their choice to squeeze out the last four episodes of this season over two weeks rather than the usual four weeks, for some unknown reason (presumably to cater to yet another tired ‘reality show’). For the sake of

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Love Child–Season 3, Episode 3

This episode wasn’t as spectacular as the previous two, however I think that’s a good thing. The first two episodes were extremely intense and overly plot filled, now that we are most likely reaching the halfway point of the season, the writers’ seem to be plateauing. While this episode was plot filled as well, what makes it stand out is

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