My Life Is Murder – Season 3, Episode 9 (Staying Mum)

This episode is all about school and gossip, but not from the kids.

The episode kicks off on a humorous note, with Alexa walking through the park and discovering “Wanted” posters on trees with a picture of Chowder on them. She rips them down and goes to meet Harry to briefed on the case of the week – Richie Garth, a childcare worker referred to as a “manny”. His body was found by Chase, the kid he looks after, in the middle of the back garden after a stormy night in Auckland. Due to the storm and exit burns on his feet, the coroner ruled his death was caused by a lightning strike. Chase’s parents, Shaan and Toby Dunlee were at a five-star hotel that night. Harry wants Alexa to look into it as Richie’s shoes were in mint condition, despite the exit burns on his feet.

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