My Life Is Murder – Season 3 Premiere (It Takes Two)

The job of a season premiere is to establish new story arcs for the season. As each episode of My Life Is Murder is generally self-contained and there aren’t any story arcs, this job didn’t apply to them, however the season got off to a great start with a compelling mystery and Reuben taking on a more active role.

The episode and season kicks off with Harry meeting up with Alexa and giving her the details of a case that has brought him negative media attention for investigating it too slowly – Beatriz Delgado, 28, found stabbed to death on a street. She was on a working holiday from Argentina, teaching tango classes at a local dance studio. The prime suspect is Gavin, one of her students who invited everyone to a party at his house and no-one showed up except for Beatriz, her body was found right outside his house.

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