Playing for Keeps: The Goss Boss (TGB)

As well as reviewing the parent series and season two web series, Sidelines, I decided to review the season one web series, The Goss Boss (or TGB).

According to the parent series’ Wikipedia page, The Goss (GTB) is a “fictional gossip show that covers the feuds and fashions featured in Playing for Keeps.”

Liz Baldwin, General Manager of Digital at Network Ten, the network that aired the parent series, stated that TGB was a “fun web series that explores the Playing for Keeps storyline in more detail, giving fans of the show the chance to see what it would be like in the real world for the characters on the show.” A new episode of TGB became available shortly after each season one episode of the parent series aired.

As there were eight episodes in the first season of Playing for Keeps, there were also eight episodes of The Goss Boss (TGB).

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