Upload – Season 2 Premiere (Welcome Back, Mr. Brown)

The job of a season premiere is to carry over any story arcs and subplots established in the previous season’s finale, as well as establish new ones.

The episode and season kicks off with Byron checking him and Nora into a motel, only for Dave to meet up with Nora, and Nora deciding to go with him instead. Dave and Nora then drive into a forest, where Nora abandons her phone and they meet with a Ludd, who escorts them to a Ludd village. Nora meets Matteo, who takes her to a community meeting for the new residents. A few weeks pass by and Nora herself becomes a community leader.

Meanwhile Aleesha is having to deal with Nora’s clients, as well as her own, and Ingrid eventually defrosts Nathan and they go back to their floor. Lucy gives Aleesha a promotion and allows her to hire a temp, Tinsley, so she can cope with the workload. Meanwhile in Lakeview, Nathan tries to get clarity from Ingrid on what she meant by needing to own his scan to protect him, however she avoids answering his question by pointing out that she uploaded for him, he in turn points out that he never asked her to do that.

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