TV Week 2022 Previews

I’m carrying on my annual tradition with this blog post—buying the Previews edition of TV Week and blogging about what shows look good to watch this year (and that I’ll possibly review).

Starting with shows that I am currently reviewing that will be airing again, I was happy to read that Aftertaste was renewed for a second season, with another six episodes set to air this year on the ABC. The Previews edition stated that since the end of season one, the “notorious Easton West has been avoiding the spotlight, hanging out with his sister, Denise, and her partner, Brett.” The edition also stated that his pastry chef niece, Diana, has been in London doing her own thing, and apparently the second season will explore unresolved family tensions and everything is set to explode when Diana returns for a wedding. Other than that, no further details on what the new season will focus on were provided.

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