My Life Is Murder – Season 2 Premiere (Call of the Wild)

As it’s been two years since the season 1 finale aired, I had to re-read my review of the finale to remind myself of what happened and how the show operates. The main feature I pointed out in my review was that My Life Is Murder had self-contained episodes rather then lengthy story arcs, and it looks like this is set to continue with this season.

The premiere reveals that Alexa is now in Auckland, with the explanation that she wanted to see her brother while she still could (subtly hinting at the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic both on and off screen). Alexa is now consulting for Harry Henare (Rawiri Jobe), who was recommended to her by Kieran. Harry tells her about Michael Suzman, a man shot to death on his morning run four weeks earlier (which was shown in the opening moments of the episode).

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