Charmed (Reboot) – Season 2, Episode 16 (The Enemy of My Frenemy)

This episode has betrayal, power plays and a twist.

The episode kicks off with Macy and Harry discussing the science behind the Faction’s actions. Macy tells Harry that a DNA sample they have (where they got it wasn’t made clear) compromises of seven different species, and while Harry refers to this as an abomination, Macy comments that it’s also ground breaking. They also realise that the Faction reanimating corpses suggest that they don’t know how to transfer magic to the living. They discover that the creature that the sisters vanquished at the end of the previous episode was actually human, a 40-year-old John Doe who died in Tacoma and his body was donated to a medical research facility in Idaho. Due to their previous interactions with different members of the Faction all over the country, they also realise that the Faction is everywhere. Macy leaves as she realises she’s late for a date with Julian.

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