Charmed (Reboot) – Season 2, Episode 3 (Careful What You Witch For)

This episode has the main characters paired off again, another aspect of magic explored (which provides a callback to the original series), and a few twists thrown in for good measure.

The episode opens with the reveal that Maggie got the receptionist job she applied for at the end of the previous episode, however her co-worker, Swan, tells her that Maggie’s keycard into the switchboard room/Command Centre will be de-activated in 24 hours due to her having to steal keycards (as well as Mel going through SafeSpace’s office supplies and Macy stealing SafeSpace hoodies). To ensure they still have access to the Command Centre, Maggie applies for the assistant manager role at SafeSpace, however she has to compete with Jordan for the role. When she finds out before her interview that background checks will be done on all applicants, she uses magic to get the job. After she gets the job, she finds out that Jordan has to shut his gym as he needs the assistant manager job to pay his rent.

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