Furious Fiction – February 2021

The brief of the AWC Furious Fiction—February 2021 short story competition was as follows:

  • Each story had to be set in a SCHOOL.
  • Each story had to begin with the word THREE.
  • Each story had to include the adjectives: MAGNETIC, UNCOUTH, SUSPICIOUS, FLOWERY


New Girl


Three years I’m going to be stuck at this school, the Haywood Academy for Unruly Students. I was recruited by my previous principal, Ms. Clarke, to enrol and try to turn it from a school for bad kids to good ones. She created fake records with plenty but not too many schoolyard misdemeanours, so I’m new but don’t look too suspicious and draw attention.

The students around me are uncouth yet magnetic, some of them are fighting each other, others look like they’re planning something involving alcohol and an obstacle course, and there’s one group that have set up a makeshift lab in the sick bay. What they’re concocting would be anyone’s guess, but I’ll do a bit of digging and find out more to report back to Ms. Clarke. There’s no real colour at this school, drab interior and exterior walls, and nothing flowery in the gardens…actually there’s no gardens at all. Not sure why lack of colour and plants are part of the rules.

Speaking of rules, really rules are a relative term here. Sure the Academy has its rules but they revolve around being bad and nothing else. I have to “obey” these rules to avoid being detected and expelled…or worse.

The bell’s just rung, signalling the start of my day and school year. Wish me luck.


This story was inspired by the 2007 film, St Trinian’s. The film’s trailer can be viewed below and on YouTube.




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