The Good Place – Season 1, Episode 7 (The Eternal Shriek)

This episode picks up from where we were left off. Michael explains to the residents that he believes he is the design flaw in the neighbourhood as the incidents that Eleanor caused also happened moments after he did something wrong. Michael asks Janet to call a train for him to leave the neighbourhood so he can retire, which she also needs to operate.

Tahani decides to throw Michael a retirement party and as she plans it, he reveals to her, Eleanor, Jason and Chidi that retirement for him means an extreme form of punishment. Chidi tells Eleanor that she has to confess now, however Eleanor decides that Janet has to be shut down because if Janet can’t drive the train, Michael can’t leave. Chidi emphasises to Eleanor that lying causes nothing but misery, which leads to flashbacks of Chidi’s misery over lying about liking his colleague’s, Henry, red cowboy boots.

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