Upload—Season 1, Episode 9 (Update Eve)

The penultimate episode of the season kicks off with people lined up in front of the Freeyond store – a free digital afterlife. Nora and Yang are walking down the street and see a long queue already formed, despite the fact that the store won’t open for two days. Meanwhile Nathan and Luke discuss Nathan’s decision to break up with Ingrid, with Luke pointing out the flaw in his plan to break up with her and then ask her for money, so he can continue to live at Lakeview until he figures out where else to live out his afterlife.

We then see all of the Horizen staff with VR masks on in a Lakeview-based staff meeting regarding Lakeview’s impending update. They are told that all Uploads must be asleep when the update takes place. Once the staff meeting is over, the staff prepare for their winter party. Lucy is pressuring Nora to admit her feelings for Nathan so she can fire her, however Nora doesn’t break, instead telling her that Byron is her boyfriend and she asks him to come to the party. Meanwhile Nathan and Viv are consulting with their lawyers to try and find an alternative afterlife for Nathan after he breaks up with Ingrid.

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