Doctor Doctor—Season 4, Episode 6 (Oh Baby)

This episode showed major improvement in a season that is proving to be repetitive and predictable.

Matt and April—I’ll start with them as the episode mostly revolves around them. The episode kicks off with Matt preparing a romantic evening for him and April, only for April to reveal that she is pregnant, much to their joy. Despite April asking Matt not to tell anyone about it, he tells Ajax and Charlie about it anyway, which leads to Meryl and Hayley finding out and putting a “Congratulations!” banner out for them at the Homestead when they go over for dinner.

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  • what is this nonsense about Charlie from season 3? she did the right thing.


    • Hi there,

      Thank you for your comment. I actually read my reviews of season 3 to answer your question. Yes, Charlie did do the right thing by looking after Ivy and helping her find her mother after her own father essentially abandoned Ivy. However I felt that her choice to stay in Bali even after finding Ivy’s mother was a little selfish. I also felt she had become unlikeable due to the way she was portrayed, especially with the children issue between her and Matt.


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