Year of the Fun Walk 2019—Sloth Run Challenge (November)

My fun walk for November as part of my Year of the Fun Walk 2019 was Virtual Pace Series’ Sloth Run Challenge.

The Challenge’s web page states that the ” sloth’s life revolves around eating & sleeping… unfortunately a lot of us can identify with that. Our challenge is to break out of sloth-like behaviour and be more active.” The Challenge encourages participants to complete, but at their own pace, much like the sloth and its way of life. Participants had the option of completing three distances: 5km, 10km or a half-marathon, I chose to complete the 5km distance.

Participants also had the choice of three colours (pink, green or brown) for the finisher’s medal, something I’ve never come across before with virtual runs. I chose the brown medal.

I completed the 5km Sloth Run Challenge on 17 November. You can view my Strava data, and finisher’s medal and bib below.



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