Furious Fiction – January 2019

The brief for the AWC Furious Fiction—January 2019 short story competition was as follows:

  1. Your story’s first word must be NEW.
  2. Your story must include the words NINETEEN, DESERT, and PRESENT.
  3. Your story must include SOME KIND OF LIST (interpret how you like—could be just a mention or an actual list).


New Witch on Campus

New school, new life and for now that means little to no magic, at least according to my mum’s “moving away to go to uni” checklist—my name is Zoey Martin and I’m a witch.

I know what you’re thinking…if I’m a witch why do I need to move when I have magical powers and can make myself magically appear at my lectures? Well, number one, my power is aerokinesis not teleportation—although I can teleport, as it’s a manifestation of my aerokinesis and not my primary power, it drains me and therefore it’s not something I do very often. I can conjure wind to blow evil beings, evil mortals and objects away (and/or objects towards these evil beings and mortals for self-defence purposes), conjure tornadoes, and even channel my power through my feet so I can levitate.

Number two, I want to experience uni like a normal…scratch that…mortal nineteen year old. I want to experience moving away, living in a dorm with other students, eating dinner in a dining hall, and living with freedom…both from my parents (yes they’re witches too, well one of them use to be) and from the family coven.

Mum’s not banning me from using magic, she knows she can’t ban me any more than she can ban me from drinking. She added the words “for now and/or unless you need to defend yourself against an evil witch or demon…let yourself settle in first”.  She doesn’t want me to use magic at uni straight away but she’s also realistic, you only need to read the rest of her mum/witch “checklist” to see that:

  • Let me know when your dining hall card needs topping up, don’t go hungry and don’t cast any spells to conjure money or food.
  • Never walk home alone late at night, although if you have to carry a torch with you and be ready to use your powers if necessary.
  • Always work hard and try your best. You’re an intelligent and sensible young woman, you don’t need to cast any anti-slumber spells on yourself and no conjuring essays or answers to exams.
  • If you get blood, chocolate or any other difficult stains on your clothes, soak them in a tub with water and detergent before throwing them in the machine.
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun!

As well as the checklist, she also gave me a present—an “all-grown up witch leaving home” care package—a Cliff Notes version of our Book of Shadows (she also said I should start writing my own), my cauldron, vials for potions, candles and crystals.

Although no-one knows at this point that I’m a witch, no place is a magical desert—there will be witches around uni somewhere.

I saw a glow coming from the courtyard that faces my dorm room, I opened the blind on my window to see a group of students gathered around a fireball. It looks like I found an oasis, my people and my own coven.

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