Squinters–Season 2, Episode 4 (Thunder Road)

This episode makes it clear that a fair amount of time has passed since the events of the previous episode.

The episode kicks off with Lukas commuting to work with his beloved dog, Barney, asking him how he managed to swallow so many objects to the point that his bowel is obstructed and needs medical attention. After dropping Barney off, his morning commute continues on with Rachel, where they discuss the fact that him and Lacey had sex five times even though Lacey is closeted, and that their solicitor told Rachel that they have to prove Audrey was insane when she wrote the will to receive any inheritance. His afternoon commute involves taking Barney home and lecturing him again, revealing to the audience that despite spending thousands of dollars on care, random objects are still obstructing Barney’s bowels.

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