Harrow–Season 2, Episode 9 (Facilis Descensus)

This episode is the penultimate episode of the second season and as such, its job is to provide a springboard for the finale. I felt this episode did this perfectly.

The episode picks up right where we were left off with Harrow telling Nichols what happened between he and Chester when he was inside the coffin. Nichols is struggling to believe him, which leads to Harrow prying open the coffin to find the burnt body back in there. This doesn’t help Harrow and getting Nichols to believe him, especially when Harrow admits that Chester injected him and he passed out before he could see if there was a body in the coffin to begin with. Harrow also realises that the only reason Chester would have dug him back up is because he didn’t kill Fern. Harrow asks him to call Fern, only for Nichols to tell him that Fern is already at CIB, meanwhile Callan is being taken to hospital.

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